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Highland Scots Soccer




The mission of Highland Scots Soccer is to promote the defined core values in an environment where all levels of players will enjoy their soccer experience. We choose to focus on the longevity of a player’s development as opposed to short-term results and performances. Highland Scots Soccer will provide youth with the opportunity to participate in a soccer experience where they can develop positive self-esteem and build character by learning the virtues of hard work, fair play, respect, honesty, self-control, teamwork and sportsmanship. This high quality experience begins with providing our youth with high quality coaches. It is our duty to ensure our coaches have the necessary tools and training to succeed as a positive coach. While our goal is to build the best young athlete on and off the field, we hope to also build lasting positive relationships with parents and members of the community who are ultimately the foundation of Highland Scots Soccer.



  • Success is defined by continued player interest in the sport of soccer; as well as the improvement of our players, coaches, and teams.
  • Players will be accepted into the Highland Soccer Club without regard to race, religion, nationality, or financial status.
  • The club will provide a safe place to play for every player regardless of ability or financial means.
  • Every decision should be in the best interest of the player.
  • The club board’s job is to ensure the mission and philosophy is upheld (consistency and continuity).
  • We will continue to work toward a unified, developmentally appropriate training curriculum with a progression from youngest to oldest players.
  • We are committed to providing the best possible facilities and qualified Coaches.
  • We are committed to providing ongoing training for Coaches.